About Us

Research Brooks Limited is a local research firm with global outlook. The firm deploys best in time tools and technology solutions to deliver cutting-edge value for money research and consultancy services to our clients.
Our strength lies in our team’s shared passion for value delivery. We are composed of talented and dedicated individuals who are masters of their craft. Our dynamic customer service offering endears us to our clients as the nectar to the Bee.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission - To aid brands and organisations act and do business in a most informed manner
Vision - To be a highly innovative research firm that culturally deliver value for money

Our core values

Research Brooks’ core value is our AVI 

Agility – we are versatile, upwardly mobile when it comes to handling project. We hit the ground running

Value delivery – with us, there is no compromise to quality and no alternative to delivering value for money

Innovation – in this era of the 4IR where disruption is occurring in nanoseconds, innovation is inevitable.

Our service philosophy

More for less – At Research Brooks, our service philosophy is that customers mustn’t pay through the nose to have quality service. We ensure value for money is delivered without leaving a hole in the client’s pocket.
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